Motivational tips for backend developers

by Solomon Eseme


Updated Mon Apr 24 2023

Motivational tips for backend developers

In a programming or software engineering career there are numerous things that will tend to frustrate the good part of your career out of you, I understand, it happens to me most times, but all of these downtimes, there are always motivational tips that kept me going through my 4 years’ experience as a professional backend developer, so today will be sharing with you in simple terms some of these motivational tips for backend developers. You can also read up on my productive tips for backend developers

  1. Learning new things
  2. Side projects
  3. Collaborations
  4. Mentors
  5. Understand the business
  6. Master your craft


The love and zeal to learn and acquire new skills and keeping up to date with the ever-changing backend technologies such as new version releases, new library and frameworks, best practices, and others could be a great source of motivation for any backend developer if he/she wants to be up in his/her game.


Another great source of motivation for many backend developers, myself included, is having a challenging project or a side project, the more eager you are to meeting deadlines and solving challenging and real-life problems in side projects the more motivated you are in programming.


I see collaboration as a very important tool everyone should add to their toolset in life generally. You cannot underestimate the power of collaboration as a backend developer, it’s one of the main sources of motivation. Get out there, network and collaborate, share ideas, and work together.

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Good mentors are great assets in a person’s life, mentors are there to encourage you, push you out of your comfort zone, support you and motivate you, you cannot afford to go through your career without a mentor. Get one.


Understanding the business or the company’s culture and processes is a very crucial part of harnessing your motivation because the more you understand and enjoy doing what you are doing and where you are doing it, the more motivated you become.


I see lots of frustration that occurs when a backend developer could not solve a specific problem be it syntactical or logical, mastering your craft could help mitigate these frustrations and increase your motivation towards your job or projects. Take time to learn, study and practice your tech stack.


There are lot of things that motivate people and there are also different things that motivates different set of persons, this list is just a tip of the iceberg, I want to hear from you. What motivates you in you daily jobs as a backend developer. Let’s hear your part in the comment section below, we do well to update the list.

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