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Advanced Docker

Advanced Docker
What you will learn

Building enterprise-ready applications with Docker requires Advanced Docker Skills, and this Advanced Guide explores it in detail.

13 Chapters

Introduction to Docker

Images, Containers, and Ports

Docker Volumes/Storage

Building Images

Project: Build an Image for an API

Caching and Layers

Reducing Image Size

Tags and Versioning

Docker Registry

Debugging Containers

Docker Networks

Advanced Docker

Dockerize FullStack App

Backend Engineering

Backend Engineering
What you will learn

Learn everything you need to know in Backend Engineering all in one place, including basics of Backend engineering, server-side programming language, API and API design, caching, mastering database, scalability, CI/CD, and more.

16 Chapters

Basics of Backend Engineering

Server-side Programming Language

Build a Backend

API and API Design

Git and GitHub

Mastering Database


Software Testing

Software Design

Web Security

Caching and CDNs

Message Brokers and Search Engines

Containerization and CI/CD

Portfolio Projects


Preparing for Backend Interviews

System Design

System Design
What you will learn

Learn everything you need to know in System Design all in one place, including proxies, load balancers, caching, SQL and NoSQL databases, Database replication, Database sharding, and more.

6 Chapters

System Design Fundamentals


Load Balancers

Distributed Caching


CAP Theorem