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API monitoring saves the day.

As a developer, once your API is live on production that is where the real work begins, you and your team need to ask different questions such as how do we ensure that the API is healthy and it remains so? 

As the API is serving millions of users around the world, how do you anticipate problems or critical issues that can impair the functioning of the application?

Getting Started with API Monitoring using Treblle

While a simple API change can impact hundreds of internal API calls, creating a cascade of issues that can range from the back-end access of data to the end-user who is interacting with the application. How will your team anticipate, isolate, and resolve application issues before they become so problematic for end-users and partners?

API Security Best Practices

By . Updated Sun Jun 18 2023
API Security Best Practices

APIs act as a bridge between different systems, allowing them to communicate and exchange data in a secure and reliable manner. In this article, we will explore API Security Best Practices for securing APIs.

Backend Development: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

The Ultimate Guide to learning Backend Development 2022. Hello Backenders, In this article, I am going to show you everything you need to learn backend development in 2021 from knowing nothing about backend development to getting your first job as a Backend Developer. To come up with this list, I have consulted with different Backend […]

API Design Best Practices: A deep-dive (2023)

Web development is not complete if there is no smooth interaction between the client and the server side which makes API design best practices a necessary skill for developers. The web is made up of two parts the frontend and the backend. The front-end is also known as the client-side which involves what the user […]

TypeScript vs. JavaScript: Your Go-to Guide

JavaScript or TypeScript? This decision is considered by developers for new web applications, but it is also pertinent for current projects. TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, provides all the functionality of JavaScript plus additional advantages.

How to use Streams in Node.js

By . Updated Thu Jul 06 2023
How to use Streams in Node.js

Understanding streams in Node.js and how to implement them opens you up to a versatile approach to handling data sources that are in use universally, these principles are necessary if you’re looking to develop a transparent server.

Django Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

By . Updated Mon Jul 24 2023
Django Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

This is the most comprehensive tutorial on the Django framework online.

This Django tutorial will teach the Django framework by building a basic Todo web application that can Create, Read, Update and Delete, otherwise called “CRUD.”

5 Must have skills for a Backend Developer

By . Updated Mon Apr 24 2023
5 Must have skills for a Backend Developer

This article will explore the most critical technical and non-technical skills for a backend developer and why it is crucial to learn these skills in today’s ever-changing world of technologies and tools.