How to be a better software developer

  • How to be a better software developer

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    How to become a better software developer has been the top most question from my audience and I want to explain it from a beginner’s point of view.

    From my experience as a professional software developer, I discovered that coding or programming is a skill and every skill takes time to master.

    In this article, I will give you a complete guide on how to become a better software developer.

    Top 4 tips to become a better software developer


    Another confusing part in programming is that there are lots of career or languages or tools, in fact, lots of things to learn with new versions coming up almost like every day.

    Choosing a particular career path to follow be it Frontend, Backend or Fullstack is a though decision you have made.

    From experience it’s known that if someone concentrates on a particular area for a longer period of time, he may become better at it.

    So will advise you to choose a path and follow it for a longer period of time.

    If you decide to chose the backend development career, we have written down a complete guide on getting started with backend development you should check it out now.


    You have to be patient with code.

    Learning programming requires a large amount of patience(i must confess), from coding to debugging, you will literally read your lines of code line by line to understand the flow because it’s a craft, so you will have to take time to craft it well.

    Read: I have written down top 12 productive tips for developers that will boost your productivity even when you feel like giving up.

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    We all know the popular adage that says

    “Practice made Perfect”,

    it’s absolutely true, the more you practice the more you are exposed to many hidden secrets of programming.

    For me the only way you can truly learn programming is by practicing.

    While learning programming from blog posts, video tutorials, you need to practice like never before, you can never tell if the articles or videos has some errors in it, it’s only when you are practicing what you are thought or learning that’s when it’s sticks to your brains.

    Thinking of new things to build or new practice project to develop, I have written a complete guide on how to develop a realtime chat app with vuejs, and node.js, which can help you get started with development immediately.


    You can’t do it alone.

    I never believed in this when I first started programming because I wasn’t a big fan of networking from inception but with help and advice from friends I was able to learn how to network with people.

    I can’t tell you how much this has improved my programming career, you should try it too.

    Go out there meet new people and connect with others in your same career, so you can collaborate together to learn and produce good software.

    The first community i recommend joining is our developers community, we have live discussions where you can ask anyone any question and get answered immediately, we also virtual and physical meet-ups too.


    Thanks for reading my short tips that will help you improve your coding career.

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    Everything i have listed above is from my personal experience.

    So these are my tips to become a better developer.

    This list is not complete until you add or remove from it..

    This article will be updated frequently based on more research or comments from you.

    So let me hear your thought in the comment section below.

    If you are interested in backend development (or you’re internet enthusiast) both (Mobile | Web | Desktop) subscribe to my Youtube channel, we will be posting a collection of help full tutorials and guides like this one for artisans.

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