Crucial Points to Consider Before Hiring a Software or a Technology Lawyer

by Solomon Eseme


Updated Mon Jul 17 2023

Crucial Points to Consider Before Hiring a Software or a Technology Lawyer

The field of electronic rights and issues is the area of expertise of a software attorney. Software law is relatively new to the legal system because of the rapid growth of the software industry in recent years. With the rapid expansion of the internet and the software industry, there is no doubt that the demand for software lawyers will continue to rise. A software attorney's job is to help businesses and individuals with document drafting, acting as an advisor or mediator, and other legal matters. The fact that technology develops at a much faster rate than the law presents a challenge for most attorneys. Read on to learn how to quickly pick a software lawyer that suits your needs.


A lawyer's primary job and professional obligation is to identify legal risks and inform the client. A legal team can strike a delicate balance between these competing values with the right attitude. Based on familiarity with the client's business, a competent tech lawyer should communicate legal risks and benefits so that the client can focus on the most significant risks and make an informed decision.


A startup is, by definition, a business that is growing. Please make sure your legal team has relevant experience negotiating with multinational corporations that are not early adopters. Experienced software lawyers are better to partner with, and they will ensure your legal experience is as smooth as possible. 

A Comprehensive Approach 

Most of your startup's day-to-day legal requirements will typically be met by the team you regularly collaborate with. However, if your company operates in a field that is subject to particular regulatory frameworks or if specific issues arise that necessitate expertise in a different legal area or jurisdiction, you should ensure that your legal team receives the support they require from specialists within the firm or from external counsel they retain. If and when specialists are involved, they should be seamlessly incorporated into the process so that you receive a finished product and not fragmented advice or documentation that you will need to put together on your own.

The Right Experience

One of the most important things to look for in a lawyer is how much experience they have. You want a lawyer who has experience solving problems similar to yours. An attorney with this kind of track record will have a better chance of successfully resolving your issue. When determining an attorney's "experience," it is evident that factors such as length of service, number of cases in a particular specialty, and primary outcomes are crucial. Knowledge of a case's adversaries and personalities, perspective to develop winning strategies for a specific problem, and confidence to guide you through the legal process are all part of the experience. 


Please look at the attorney's style and compatibility with your company. It would help if you matched the characteristics of the attorney to your style, personality, and approach, in addition to finding a "professional" attorney. It would be a grave mistake to underestimate this subjective factor's significance. Ultimately, it helps to find a lawyer you feel at ease with and can trust to handle matters that affect your business.

Hire a law firm with global experience rather than local expertise to build an international business. Give top-tier software lawyers a chance, despite their reputation for being intimidating and formal. They might shock you.

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