System Design Fundamentals

What is System Design?

What is system design?

System Design is a major phase of software development; it’s the process of defining the elements of a system like architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a system based on the specified requirements.

Why should I learn system design?

In the last two decades, there has been a lot of advancement in large-scale web applications.

These advancements have redefined how we build software. All the popular applications and services that we use every day like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Office365, and Twitter are highly scalable distributed systems.

These systems handle billions of traffic every day thus is a need to design the systems to tackle the amount of traffic and data with zero failure and that’s where system design comes in.

System design requires you to think about everything from the infrastructure, hardware, and software, all the way down to the data and how it’s stored.

Learning system design will help you design systems that are resilient i.e. scalable, available, and efficient. Your task as a developer is to understand the basic concept of system design and when to apply them in real-world software solutions.

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