System Design Fundamentals

System Design

System Design Fundamentals

Vertical Scaling (Scaling up)

Vertical Scaling (Scaling up)

Vertical scaling also known as scaling up means adding additional resources to your server such as upgrading CPU, Memory, Storage, and Network speeds.

Advantages of vertical scaling

  1. Cost Effective - It’s cheaper compared to horizontal scaling. The cost of upgrading the current server is cheaper compared to purchasing and maintaining additional servers. Additionally, you can configure virtualization software when scaling up. This will have all the benefits of horizontal scaling.

  2. Simplicity - Since everything runs on a single machine

Disadvantages of vertical scaling

  1. Single point of failure - Having your application reside on a single instance introduces a single point of failure. Software or Hardware failures such as malware, corrupted software, and physical accidents in the data center can lead to costly downtime.

  2. High Possibility of Downtime - Your system will experience some downtime when upgrading the servers unless you have a backup server in place.

  3. Hardware Limitations - There is a limit on how much you can upgrade a machine. Every machine has a threshold for memory, Storage, and Processing power.

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