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Forward Proxy Server

Forward Proxy Server

A forward proxy server sits on the client side forwarding web requests on behalf of the client. When the clients request web content, it goes to the proxy first, then the proxy forwards the request to the web server on behalf of the client using its IP address.

The web server sends the response back to the proxy which forwards the response to the client. The web client is anonymous to the web server in this scenario. An example of a forward proxy is a Virtual Private Network(VPN) which hides the Identity of the client.

Benefits of forwarding proxy server

  1. User IP Address is hidden - Enables a user to hide identity, therefore, guarding privacy.

  2. Easy access to Geo-Blocked/Restricted Content - Some online content is hidden behind geo-restrictions mostly because of copyright restrictions. This can be bypassed by using a proxy server.

  3. Caching - Forward Proxy server may cache requested data and store them for later. This may reduce page load time significantly for the user.

  4. Improved Security - The Proxy filters and blocks known websites that are malicious to the user.

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