Why Choose Interview Kickstart’s Back-end Engineering Course (Includes Real Reviews)

  • Why Choose Interview Kickstart’s Back-end Engineering Course (Includes Real Reviews)

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    It’s a known fact that tech interviews are hard. And even more so if you’re interviewing at a big tech company like Google or Meta, where the hiring bar is super high.

    In light of this, several Edutech companies have started offering interview courses or Bootcamps that promise to help you prepare for and crack these interviews. 

    A popular name among them is Interview Kickstart —  a platform dedicated to tech professionals. They have 18 courses in total, and the Back-end Engineering Interview Course is one among them.

    In this article, we’ve done a detailed review of the course to help you decide whether the course is right for you. We’ll cover:

    • Course Curriculum
    • Instructors
    • Reviews

    1. Course curriculum

    As per the website, Interview Kickstart’s Back-end course curriculum has been designed by engineers from MAANG+ (a term they use to describe MAANG and other Tier-1 tech companies).

    The 16-week course only covers interview-specific topics. Here’s what the curriculum looks like:

    1. Data structures and Algorithms (5 weeks)

    A portfolio builder for tech writers

    • Sorting
    • Recursion
    • Trees
    • Graphs
    • Dynamic Programming

    2. System Design (3 weeks)

    • Online Processing Systems
    • Batch Processing Systems
    • Stream Processing Systems

    3. Back-end Engineering Masterclass (5 weeks)

    • Database Design
    • Object Modeling
    • API Design
    • Cloud-Native Design
    • Concurrency
    • Resume & LinkedIn Masterclass
    • Salary Negotiation Masterclass

    You also get 15 mock interviews, which are also conducted by the MAANG+ instructors.

    In addition, the program also has a 6-month support period during which students can retake classes and get interview and salary negotiation support. 


    • The MAANG+ factor — there aren’t many programs that can boast of a curriculum that is designed by MAANG+ engineers. This is sure to give you an insider perspective on interviews. 
    • The mock interviews with said MAANG+ instructors
    • Long support period, covering soft skills
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    • If you do not have experience in coding and distributed system design, this course is not for you. The course page clearly states that it’s for:
      • Current or former Back-end Engineers aiming to get hired in Tier-1 tech companies arrow
      • Engineers (like Full-stack/Data/Test Engineers) with experience working on distributed systems who want to specialize in Back-end Engineering
    • The course is intense — 4 modules packed into 16 weeks. You will need to dedicate 10-12 hours per week to get results.

    2. Instructors 

    The instructors are surely the biggest USP of the Interview Kickstart program. 

    Interview Kickstart instructors

    In addition to designing the courses, they also conduct:

    • Live classes
    • Sessions on technical coaching, homework assistance, and solutions discussion
    • 1:1 sessions with individual students
    • Live mock interviews simulating real-life environment
    • Soft skills training, including resume building and LinkedIn profile optimization

    Pros: The instructor team is 500-strong. Training and mentorship from engineers who’ve walked the walk do sound pretty promising. 

    Cons: None!

    3. Reviews

    Interview Kickstart is highly rated on all major review sites (though the number of reviews is on the lower side, especially on Yelp.)

    Course Report

    It’s clear from the reviews that the course is effective. Students speak of:

    • Overcoming anxiety and gaining confidence
    • Effective training from expert instructors
    • Getting multiple offers from top companies

    Here are some actual, verified reviews of the Back-end course on Course Report:

    Read more reviews here. 

    Conclusion — Is Interview Kickstart’s Back-end Course Worth It?

    The course is not easy on the pocket — various sources quote the price to be over $6,000. The website does not explicitly mention the price, stating that it varies based on the program and pathway you pick. The best place to know the current pricing is their Pre-enrollment Webinar.

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    While the price is high, students of IK swear on its effectiveness and say that the investment gives lucrative returns in the form of multiple high-salary offers from companies. 

    So if you’re ready to invest the time and money, the program might just be what you need to take your career to the next level.

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